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On The Road Again, Sure Do Love to...

On my way down to Florida on 01/31/19 now. Headed to play some gigs and visit some family. My brother Max decided to head down at the same time as me. First gig was at Cypress and Grove Brewery in Gainesville, FL.

Stopped on the side of the highway on the way to Florida to grab this sunset

My brother came with me to Gainesville like a champion to attend the show. The brewery was sort of an echo chamber but I kinda dug it. It was built in 1903, and used to be an ice and cold storage factory, one of the bartenders told me. Either way, it was a real fun gig and they said they'd love to have me back. Which is the best thing you can hear at the end of the night.

A double exposure at Cypress and Grove Brewery

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