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A Weekend in the Carolina Low Country

I had 3 gigs in the low country in late January 2019. First was with a good buddy of mine, Crispy, as we like to call him.

Crispy is a country song slurrin' thrifty son of a gun with a pleasantly haunting personality. The kind suburban people of St. Matthews took to their loudest Ooooos and Ahhhs that night due to song choices that befriended both the youngin's and the Yodas. If it was just me I'm certain tips would have had a steady decline into some dark greenless pit of self loathing.

Crispy lighting up some incense

We headed back to his grandparents old place that night to crash. It's the epitome of a down south country bumpkin's home. With that special Crispy touch he's been laying on it here and there.

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