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I've Never Been To Sp--Savannah

But I kinda like to play music. Made a trip to Savannah for the first time to play at Foxy Loxy Cafe. The whole city seems to revel in the adolescent glory of hipsters and coffee shops. The was one of my favorite gigs in the past few weeks. I got to play exactly what I wanted. Soft, languid, dirty folk songs. They seemed to really dig it.

Foxy Loxy Cafe

My roomy, Jason Newton, rolled with me on this one. He disappeared into the night to hear the drunken ramblings of random bar people while I setup my gear to play. The folk took kindly to my tunes and an old acquaintance even came out with his roomy to chat and listen. I knew him from my days working at Salvation Army Thrift Store in Clemson, SC. Before I got fired for being terrible at that job.

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