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"This Place is Divey as Hell."

The third and last date of this mini tour was on January 26th, 2019. The band (The Receptionists) came down to North Charleston for this one. I rolled into The Mill far too early, only because I had no place to go and I felt I'd burnt through as much time and gas as I was willing to. My favorite band mates showed up a couple hours after me and we were rolling. The crowd was f'in good that night. At least against most other venues we had played recently. I'd been warming up all to hell through the weekend and performances got progressively better each night thank God. I love those dudes and it's always a pleasure sharing the stage with them. They all drove back to Greenville that night so they likely got back at like 4 or 5am. Such team players, I know how brutal that can be. Especially since most of them had things to do the next morning.

My buddy Zane (far left) showed up to watch the show. Jonathan my bass dude (Right) stayed a bit after to hang. As he always does.

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