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The Corner Where Two Rivers Meet

The 2nd gig of my weekender in the low country was at Morgan Creek Grill in the Isle of Palms.

Isle of Palms. The walk to the beach. Nikon FM with Kodak Gold.

The next night on this weekender I played at a welcoming corner between two rivers called the Morgan Creek Grill. It was a singer-songwriter rounds sorta deal. I was extremely humbled by the grit, soul, and sheer tasteful trills that comes with decades of experience. These players had stories about their songs and life from years ago that I couldn't help but relate to my life at that exact moment..

Terribly blurry photo but left to right: Renee Russel, Zach Quillen, Rush Morgan (Myself). All the writers from that night.

I didn't have a place to stay that night and it was mentioned when one of the artists asked where I was going to stay. At the end of the night she generously offered her home, a bed, and a guest room as long as her girlfriend was ok with it. Her girl, just as kind as her, agreed and I spent the night at one of the coziest nooks I've set foot in. The two referred to each other as wife and wife but that would never bother me. Love is love. I think it's awesome. They had a whiteish colored German Shepard that must have weighed as much as me. I couldn't tell if he (Piper was his name) was happy or reluctant to see me. Either way he took to me very quickly and he was soon licking my face. My two welcoming hosts said quote, "Oh you're in like flynn now. He's only ever taken this quickly to one other person." I believe I recall them saying it was one of their sisters. Anyways, it was short lived because every time I walked out of the bedroom it was as if he didn't recognize me. The next day I lost my wallet and was wandering around everywhere I'd been the day before. Turns out it was in their backyard where I had sat that morning. After that I was off to grab breakfast and head to the next gig.

The coziest nook I've ever set foot in. The picture does it no justice. Thanks again Renee and Karla.

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